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How To Get The Jingle Bellies Christmas Album

During the 2003 Holiday season The Jingle Bellies Christmas Album will be available at:

Big Lots
and other fine dollar and discount outlets.

2.Mail Order thru RJB Music:

Compact Disc.......................$10.00-OUT OF STOCK
Dolby HX-Pro Cassette........$5.00

NOTE - We have a limited supply on hand! Prices include domestic shipping/handling.

We are no longer publishing our address on this website due to low supplies and snail mail spam. If you would like to order a copy directly from RJB Music please send us E-Mail and we will respond with our address to which you may send your order.

CD's are OUT OF STOCK and we will not be manufacturing any more until further notice.

Foreign orders please remit U.S. dollars and an additional $4.00 s/h. All U.S. orders are shipped First Class mail. If you wish Priority Mail enclose an additional $4.00.

Make checks or Money Orders payable to RJB Music

If you are ordering by personal check please allow at least two weeks for delivery. Money Orders do speed delivery time.

3.Order online and by mail or phone thru Pig Stuff - (732) 367-4048
They may have a few CD's in stock.

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