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Get 'Em While You Can,
Because When They're Gone,


All we have left are Dolby HX-Pro cassettes

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Jingle Bells
(76K 8-bit mono WAV)
The Jingle Bellies Christmas Album - CD cover art
Artwork (C)1994 Dari Hayes

Jingle Bellies Christmas Album Closeout!!

Since its debut during the 1994 Christmas season The Jingle Bellies Christmas Album has enjoyed tremendous success. RJB Music would like to thank all of you who purchased the recording either as a gift or for yourself. We would also like to thank those of you who have sent compliments as well as photo attachments of your beloved pet pigs via email. It has been a wonderfully wild experience and one we will remember forever.

Novelty items such as The Jingle Bellies Christmas Album have a limited shelf life with the initial success occuring in the first two or three years. Very few ever make it to "classic" status, such as the Jingle Bells barking dogs. With regret we must inform you that due to dwindling demand RJB Music is closing out The Jingle Bellies Christmas Album. Our distributor since 1995 was purchased by a rap/hip-hop label and novelty recordings were not going to be included in their catalog. We sold the bulk of remaining inventory to a distributor who has placed the product in closeout and discount outlets. If you are interested in purchasing a copy please look for it at Big Lots or other fine dollar and discount stores. In the future if there is demand we will consider bringing the product out again, but only in limited quantities.

Order online and by mail or phone through
Pig Stuff (732) 367-4048

If you cannot find it at one of the above outlets please click on the Order It link here or above. We are OUT OF STOCK of CD's, however, CASSETTES are available for mail-order shipment, but when they're gone, THEY'RE GONE!! If you have any questions please drop us a line via the e-mail link here or above.

RJB Music, Arlington, TX. (C) Bobby Breaux(P) 1994 RJB Music (ASCAP)
"The Jingle Bellies" is a trademark of RJB Music.
All Rights Reserved.
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